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the environmental impact of the continued reliance on finite
supplies of foreign oil and on coal- fired electric power plants is debated
daily by economists and society at large. although few doubt that we are
experiencing global warming (either as a natural cycle or due to greenhouse
gases), zero pollution is not desirable either because of the foregone
productivity of pollution-generating production technologies.

however, there are also renewable sources of energy and cleaner
production technologies. they include:

  1. wind power (both large scale wind turbines and household sized
    roof mounted wind turbines to co-generate electricity)
  2. solar water heating (roof mounted solar collectors)
  3. solar photovoltaic electric generation (solar cells mounted on
    roofs to co-generate electricity)
  4. ocean wave generation of electricity
  5. in transportation, the development of all electric and hybrid
    electric cars

please pick 3of these topics.
conduct internet research on that topic and discuss the economicimpact on the overall
economy that national adoption of that choice would have.

pay particular attention to research presented by mainstream
business news organizations such as msnbc, cnbc, pbs nightly business report(see
webliography), as well as any economic think tanks such as the american
enterprise institute, brookings institution, cato institute, or the center for
economic and policy research.

remember to include in your references links to the websites that
you feel are important contributors to your position.

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