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Journal Article Critique Guidelines (2-3 page assignment)

  1. Select a journal article for review. Use WCC’s library as a tool; PsycARTICLES or PsycINFO are your best bets.

  2. Include the following information in your critique:

  1. Name(s) of the author(s)

  2. Title of a the article

  3. Title of the journal, volume number, date, page numbers

  4. Statement about the topic/focus of the article

  5. Conclusions reached

3. The bulk of your critique (1+ pages), however, should consist of your review/ evaluation of how the article was written and how the study was done.

  1. Is the title of the article appropriate and clear?

  2. Is the article clearly presented? What suggestions can you make to improve it?

  3. Is the purpose of the article clear in the introduction?

  4. Have any ideas been over-/under-represented? How would you resolve this?

  5. Has the author been objective in his writing/research methods?

  6. Should some sections of the article be expanded/condensed/omitted?

  7. What did you learn from this article?

  8. What suggestions for future research can you make from this article?


American Psychologist (APA journal) Career Development Quarterly
Child Development
Developmental Psychology

Family Therapy
Journal of Adolescence
Journal of Applied Psychology (APA journal)
Journal of Career Development
Journal of Counseling and Development
Journal of Counseling Psychology
Journal of College Student Development
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied (APA journal) Journal of Experimental Psychology: General (APA journal) Journal of Marriage and Family
Psychological Bulletin (APA journal)
Psychological Review (APA journal)
Psychological Science (APS journal)

**this list is by no means complete; it is provided to give you an idea of what appropriate journal selections look like!**
**DO NOT USE popular periodicals like newspapers, magazines, or online websites** 

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