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Write the following essay:
Compare the descriptions and analysis of the Tulsa Riot by African American newspapers and white newspapers and Oklahoma newspapers with newspapers from other states.  
You must footnote (or endnote) your use of the newspaper sources.
Newspapers need to cited as follows, Title of the Newspaper, date of the newspaper (date accessed by you and what database you used)
Introduction—up to 5 points
Thesis included in introduction—up to 5 points
Three body paragraphs –up to 10 points
A thesis for each body paragraph—up to 10 points
Examples to demonstrate thesis
​One example in the paragraph—up to 3 points
​Two examples in the paragraph—up to 6 points
​Three examples in the paragraph—up to 12 points
​Four or more examples in the paragraph—up to 18 points
Conclusion—up to 5 points
Writing Style –up to 10 points
Appropriate citations of up to 6 sources—up to 5 points
Appropriate citations of up to 12 sources—up to 10 points
Appropriate citations of up to 18 sources—up to 15 points
Each body paragraph beyond three—up to 10 points per paragraph
Each body paragraph with a thesis beyond three—up to 10 points per paragraph

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