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Background: Carter is working on a complicated child support case for her client, Joanna. She asks you to
write a legal memorandum to her reporting your research and analysis regarding the client’s case.
Facts: Joanna and Marc Taylor were married for 12 years. They have 4 children, ages 10, 8, 5 and 3. Although
Marc has never worked, he has completed many years of college. For religious reasons, he has dedicated his
life to study. Before he married, his parents financially supported him. After he and Joanna married, his fatherin-law supported him and his family. Joanna also has never worked. She has been the primary caretaker for
the children.
Joanna and Marc are getting a divorce. Marc has voluntarily agreed to give up custody of the children;
however, he has refused to pay child support as he does not want to get a job. He prefers to continue his life of
Joanna and Marc live in Maryland.
Your memorandum should address the following question using Maryland law:
Whether Marc can be deemed to have voluntarily impoverished himself so as to be required to pay child
The memorandum should contain the following sections:
I. Question Presented: presents question in “yes” or “no” answer format
II. Short Answer: presents “yes” or “no” answers to the Questions Presented in sentence format
III. Statement of Facts: details the relevant facts of Joanna’s case
IV. Applicable Law: merely lists in Bluebook format,” the authority used in the Discussion section of
memorandum; any statutes used should be reproduced in this section
V. Discussion: analyzes and discusses the legal authority as it relates to the facts in Joanna’s case
VI. Conclusion: provides a summary of findings on the issues presented and the future direction of the case

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