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Project guidelines:

Select a project topic from the list below. In each topic, you will feature a property or operation that can

serve as a point of reference in your research. The property can be in any location, globally, but must be a

functioning business.


Water conservation in Hotels and restaurants. Explain what can be done to conserve water. Give

several case examples.


Guestroom technologies. Include smart cards, phone, cable, entertainment and locking systems,

room selection and personalization. Give examples and include the technical aspects of installation and cost



Crisis management planning. Discuss the types of disasters facing hotels and the type of planning

hotels must do to prepare for, deal with and recover from a crisis situation.


Recycling in the hospitality industry: Give examples of how a hospitality property can implement a

recycling program and include the costs and benefits of such a program.


Energy Audit. Investigate the level of energy usage of a hospitality property. Conduct an energy

audit and implement energy conservation program and include the costs and benefits of such a program.


Green Certifications. Explain Green Certificate and trends in the hospitality industry. Give examples

of hospitality operations who are leading the efforts. Explain the future of Green Hotels / Restaurants.


ADA and its effects on the hospitality industry. What must properties do to comply and what are

the costs associated with compliance.


New trends in kitchen designs. Include the basics of kitchen design as well as hot-design and

equipment trends. Give several case examples.

9. The concerns and problems of hotel or restaurant renovation. Present several cases for a typical

renovation process.

10. All other topics approved in advance by instructor.

1. Submit Action Plan: Submit your topic, research focus & reference property in Canvas by no later than

November 18 th , 2019. Topic changes will be requested if there are

too many similarities.

2. Research Paper: Typed, double-spaced, 1” margins, 12 pt. font. Must include a cover sheet with name

and research topic. Your name should not be found anywhere else

throughout the paper. Minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 typed

pages. You will submit via Canvas.

3. Sources: Include a minimum of 3 sources. Acceptable library, industry resources, references can be

found in the periodicals, company literature newspapers, books & company literature. (Wikipedia is

not an acceptable source)

Make reference to the article findings in your paper.

Cite all references properly.

4. Interview with Industry Expert: Find an industry expert to interview as part of your research for the

paper. Interviews with relatives or friends do not qualify for

this part of the project. Include the summary of your interview

with your paper presentation including name of interviewee, name

of interviewer, time, date, place and questions.

Action Plan: 5 points

Research Paper: 45 points

Sources: 30 points

Interview: 20 points

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