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Papers and documents have been written. I need to incorporate the feedback and apply it to the papers written.. Attached is the directions and files are also in the document. If needed I can send them separate.


You will proceed through the steps as you define the statement of work and service-level agreement, perform a technical lab assignment, and prepare a lab report. You will submit all of these items to executive management in the final step.

Feedback for Project 3: Draft Statement of Work (SOW)

Submission Feedback:

Your SOW draft is really well written. I am kicking it back because of the Vendor's Solution section.

Although you are using Amazon as the end solution, you are the vendor not Amazon. What I mean by

that is you can say that the Vendors Solution is AWS E2, but not Amazon will be innovative and create

new services for it's customers. Ballot is your customer, Amazon created the technology that you

use for Ballot, so you ultimately (for example) are the one that has to innovate a solution.

Update: Pages 4/5 still contain language that points at Amazon being the vendor, not your company.

Feedback for Project 3: Draft Service-Level Agreement

Submission Feedback

  • The service request is not fully developed. You only mentioned the high priority and change request.
  • Does that imply that medium and low priority issues will be ignored?
  • Under customer responsibilities, you only list 2 items. Does ballot have the responsibility to do more than report and pay?
  • Are they not responsible for how the use the system as well? (hint)
  • Also (hint) there are more than 2 stakeholders with this project.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Project 3: Final SOW, SLA, and Lab Report feedback:

Feedback for Project 3: Final Report

Does Not Meet Project Requirements

Good work thus far. The other parts of the project are missing from this submission, the SOW and SLA.

Also, if you notice the rubric adds two additional items as a requirement for this submission that were not included.

All parts of the project steps are part of the final portion, with something additional that requires work.

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