Alternative – Complimentary – Traditional Health Care vs. Modern Western Allopathic Medicine

A Traditional Health Care vs. Allopathic Medical Treatment & Delivery. B I will analyze some of the valid reasons why the modern medical system and western allopathic medicine are inferior to traditional, alternative or complimentary medicine. The purpose of this analysis to help the practitioner who is trained in western allopathic medicine to better understand the benefits of how the inclusion of traditional health care practitioners in the patients care can promote better health outcomes. C There is an enormous body of published research and other information in support of preventative, traditional, Define: Medicine Modern medicine Western Medicine Allopathic medicine Health care Traditional health care Complimentary health care Alternative health care Preventative or proactive health care Topic to cover: Control of medicine and medical care by big Pharma, academia, insurance Deaths caused by dr Deaths caused by hospitals Deaths caused by drugs Illness caused by above Iatrogenesis Side effects of pharma Hippocratic oath Mind body connection The placebo effect First do no harm. Hippocrates Table that displays the name and type of alternative complimentary traditional preventative health care Modern medicine calls vaccinations preventative health and there is considerable evidence that this approach is deeply flawed. D Really the ultimate question is; Why is the market for ATC heath care so large – and trending in a growth trajectory - with much of it being unmet because of lack of support form the so-called modern system of health? What strategies from a grass roots perspective can the consumers and practitioners of ATC health encourage a more aggressive integration and acceptance of ATC in to the main stream of our modern system of Health care delivery? E Lewis P. Integrative Holistic Health, Healing, And Transformation : A Guide For Practitioners, Consultants, And Administrators [e-book]. Springfield, Ill: Charles C Thomas; 2002. Available from: eBook Collection (EBSCOhost), Ipswich, MA. Accessed September 12, 2016. Cohen M. Future Medicine : Ethical Dilemmas, Regulatory Challenges, And Therapeutic Pathways To Health Care And Healing In Human Transformation [e-book]. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press; 2003. Available from: eBook Collection (EBSCOhost), Ipswich, MA. Accessed September 12, 2016. Featherstone C, Godden D, Gault C. Prevalence Study of Concurrent Use o


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Traditional Health Care Versus Modern Western Allopathic Medicine

Defining of complementary and alternative medicine and traditional medicine

Comparisons between Traditional and Modern Medicine


Interchange and Integration

Modernity in traditional medicine

Prevalence of use of traditional medicine




Healthcare can be broadly segmented into two extensive categories, that is, modern (orthodox, conventional, allopathic, or western) and traditional (indigenous, alternative, complimentary, or integrative) medicine. Traditional medicine as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) is the sum of all practices and knowledge, whether explicable or otherwise, used in the diagnosis, prevention and/ or elimination of mental, physical or societal imbalances. This paper focuses on the similarity and differences in existence between the two in regard to treatment and overall delivery, definitions of both modern and traditional medical systems with viable examples, and ultimately try to answer the question: Why is the market for ATC heath care so large – and trending in a growth trajectory? The approach used is purely reliant on previous works by researchers in the same field. Basing facts and conclusions on their findings, this paper is key in determining the reason why traditional medicine, whether used in combination with orthodox/allopathic medicine or used independently, is prevalent in the modern world.

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