Accounting Information Analysis report

Frozen Olaf – Ice cream shop

Since January 2015, Elsa and Anna – originally from Arendelle – established a new ice cream shop in Hobart, they named it “Frozen Olaf”. They specialised in making gourmet ice cream with a unique combination, such as:

-       Very Vanilla

This ice cream flavour is a thirst quencher during summer and the creamiest ice cream produced with secret custard recipe. It has refreshing scent and loved by kids and adults.

-       Batman Chocolate

Just like the name, this dark chocolate ice cream offers quality ice cream with only 30% fat of normal chocolate ice cream. The cocoa bean is sourced from North Sumatran forest in Indonesia.

-       Almond Hazelnut

This nutty flavoured ice cream is a combination of high quality almond and hazelnut imported from Turkey and goat milk from Farmers in Invermay.


-       Egg Bacon

Inspired by the famous chef Heston Blumenthal, this unique and unusual combination ice cream is the only one produced in Australia. Try this flavour if you are dare.


-       Scotch Lavender

This ice cream uses only the best of Tasmanian produced. Awards winning Sullivan’s cove single malt whisky and freshly harvested lavender from north east Tasmania. This ice cream contains 3% alcohol contents.


One month ago, Elsa and Anna attended a seminar about Accounting Information and Analysis. They hired you as a consultant to analyse and provide a report on Frozen Olaf data. They want to know to how to grow their revenue and profit streams. Their data is hosted in a cloud and you remember that in Week 5 for BFA501, you explored Toad for MySQL.

BFA501 Week5, Toad for MySQL:


Your report shall comprise:

1.    An executive summary (around 200 words). The executive summary is an excellent summary of the key points of the main report. The problems are clearly identified, the alternatives are developed and the recommendation clearly addresses the problems.

2.    The main report is around 800 words. There are two parts to the main report:

a.    Elsa wants to know how to increase revenues: which ice creams sell more and generate more profit. Your report should be in language that the marketing managers can understand.                                             (400 words)

b.    Anna wants to know if ice creams are increased by $1 each, demand will fall by 10%. Recommend if the selling price should be increased.   (400 words)


Students need to demonstrate appropriate and accurate use of the Harvard style for references and citations. Paper Format: font size 12, 1 line spacing, Times New Roman.




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Executive summary

           Frozen Olaf needs to learn how to grow their revenue and profit streams. Based on their sales data, key issues affecting their performance can be deduced and later addressed to up their revenue and profit margins. Based on the analysis, the Frozen Olaf’s ice cream business is not majorly affected by daily temperature fluctuations but the data is needed to project future sales. The best way to increase sales and hence revenue in this scenario is through promotions targeting general consumers who generally go for the two most popular ice cream flavours. The decision to increase ice cream prices by $1 in order to increase profits has shown to be ineffective since each ice cream flavour is unique in terms of selling price, popularity and production costs. Based on the analysis of the sales data, the business would be better off incrementing ice cream prices individually and gradually as they did in the previous years. This is mainly to ensure that the sales revenue don't drop significantly hence maintaining a balance between profits and sales. Prices for the least popular ice cream flavours should be increased at a higher scale compared to the popular ice cream flavours because they serve a niche customer base. 

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