An exploratory study of cyber bullying with undergraduate university students.

Before you begin to write your paper please do the following:

1) Read the article closely.

2) Read the requirements below.

3) Read the article for the second time highlighting the requirements for

the paper. You are encouraged to make notes in the margins.

The requirements for this paper are as follows:









What is the title of the article? Who are the authors? What universities do they

represent? Introduce the topic and issues being studied. What are the research

questions being posed by the study? (opening paragraph) Worth up to 15 pts.

What is the primary variable understudy? Please present the definition of the

primary variable. (one paragraph) Worth up to 10 pts.

What is the research method being used? Describe in detail the procedure for this

study. What is the population? Please describe the sample in detail. Is the analysis

quantitative or qualitative? Explain. (one to two paragraphs) Worth up to 15 pts.

What are the major results of the study? Be explicit. Use both the results and the

discussion section for assistance. (two paragraphs) Worth up to 15 pts.

Is this study valid? Does it measure what it states it will? Why or why not? Show

a thorough understanding of validity. (one paragraph) Worth up to 10 pts.

What are the limitations/weaknesses for this study? (one paragraph) Worth up to 5


Include both a title and a reference page. You must use APA format. Worth up to

10 pts.

Turn in highlighted article. Worth up to 5 pts.

Writing quality is based on sound spelling and grammar. Worth up to 15 pts.

This paper must be Times New Roman, 12' font, 1" margins, typed double-spaced.

This paper must be written in 3rd person. You must paraphrase!

Due in class Wednesday March13. 2019

• If turned in by Wednesday February 27, 2019, 5 pts. extra credit



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An Exploratory Study of Cyberbullying with Undergraduate University Students

Cyberbullying has over the past decade become a major threat among millennials with the consequences of the vice leading to emotional turmoil, anger, and decreased self-esteem. Based on this, Carol M. Walker from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Beth Rajan Sockman from East Stroudsburg University and Steven Koehn from East Stroudsburg University conducted a study and co-authored a paper titled An Exploratory Study of Cyberbullying with Undergraduate University Students. In this study, the authors set out to evaluate instances of cyberbullying both direct and indirect as experienced by undergraduate university students while investigating the forms of technology utilized in cyberbullying.

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