Systems Model - Current Care Delivery

From a systems perspective (and considering the care delivery model you described) how would you: 1.Describe your current care delivery model or environment, (or a model/environment with which you are familiar); along with specific tenets or characteristics from a systems theory or thinking model that makes sense or best depicts the care delivery model or environment that you’ve described. (Considering the care delivery model you described in #1) 2.How would you (select one): ?Approach problem solving ?Execute change to achieve outcomes ?Support learning/development; or, ?Respond to new operational challenges I work in pediatric home health but I have done rehab, nursing homes and hospital experience also. Can you please refer to this author: Senge, P. M. (1990). The fifth discipline. The arts and practice of the learning organization. New York, NY: Doubleday/Currency.


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Systems Model

Based on my current work position in pediatric home health and previous experiences in rehab, nursing homes, and hospitals as a caregiver, my current care delivery model falls under the progressive patient care model. This argument is based on organization of the patients and the utilization of facilities and staff in places I have worked. In all the places, the patients are placed in units based on their needs, and staff assigned to the patients are assigned to patients on the basis of degree of illness rather than on a medical specialty basis. According to Haldeman (1964), this can be easily described as placing “the right patient, in the right bed, with the right services and at the right time”

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