Week 5 - Organizational theory

Summary of Week 5 Paper Requirements (16 total points): 1. Describe the organizational culture of your current practice setting; review the Baker reference, Chapter 11 Organizational Culture, to inform your description of your culture. The culture of an organization drives people's beliefs, values, and resulting behaviors. The mission statement of your organization should reflect the culture. The apple diagram, Figure 1, p. 3 (Baker, 2002), is a relevant resource to explore your culture. 2. Identify and describe the organizational hypothesis that most closely aligns with your culture identified in no. 1. Again, use the Baker reference for a review of hypotheses (see p. 5). 3. Pick an organizational theory of interest and describe the theory; review the Walonick article for a list of theories. 4. Discuss how your theory in number 3 either supports your culture OR how it is different and could improve your


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Organizational Theory

The organizational culture and behavior in an organization are vital in determining how it is perceived by both its customers and employees. That said, it is crucial to understand the organizational culture of where one works hence improving one’s relations and behavior to suit that of the organization as it drives the beliefs, values, and resulting behaviors of employees and others who are involved in the organization. Understanding the organizational culture of an organization is important as it improves unity and cooperation among other things within the workplace. This paper is focused on discussing the organizational culture of {{insert organization here}} in relation to the peer reviewed works of Baker (2002) and Walonick (1993a) in organizational culture and organizational theory and behavior respectively.

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