issues that affects development physically, cognitively, socially, and in personality development | Nature v Nurture: Exploring the Limits

Each student will choose a topic and submit a research paper related to an issue that affects development physically, cognitively, socially, and in personality development. The paper must be 5-6 pages typed (not including cover page, images, or reference page), double spaced, with 12pt font size, in Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins all around, and in APA format. At least three credible sources must be used. 

Research Paper will be graded based on:

? How comprehensive content is and how clearly ideas and concepts are presented.

? Research is adequate, timely and addresses primary concepts.

? Content and purpose of the writing are clear.

? Structure of writing is clear and easy to follow with paragraphs built of a clear topic sentence

and supporting sentences.

? Major subheadings are correctly and consistently used.

? Analyses are organized logically, clearly presented, titled properly, easy to understand, and

directly address the research questions posed.

? Paper contains proper title page, is of appropriate length as described for the assignment, and

demonstrates correct APA style citing.

? Students should use sources obtained from scholarly databases such as Proquest Psychology,

PsycInfo and PsycArticles.


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Psychology has been awash with the nature-nurture debate since the emergence of the field of study. The discussion seeks to establish which of the two phenomena is responsible for what individuals turn out to be in their adult life, from their physical uniqueness to their personalities. Nature supporters attempt to explain one’s individuality through genetic inheritance while nurture proponents explain it through environmental factors. The debate seeks to determine to what extent parents should take pride or blame for what their children turn out to be in future. Traditional debates concentrated on proving that one of the two arguments has more influence than the other. This paper examines the extent to which inherited characteristics (nature) and environmental factors (nature) influence an individual’s character through the use of existing psychological theories.

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