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For each data set, complete the following:

1. Graph the data and determine an independent and dependent variable.  Explain your choice, indicate a reasonable domain and range for each situation.

2. Find an equation that fits the data set.  Explain why that function was chosen.

3. Using your equation predict future behavior.  How useful is your question?  Does it have limitations? What happens as your function approaches infinitu from both the positive and negative direction?  Is this useful for the problem situation? What is the meaning if any of intercept points, asymptotes, range or domain limitations?


Data set 1

Chirps per minute;

55, 67, 75, 83, 91, 99, 119, 134, 140, 149, 164

Temp (F);

50, 54, 55, 58, 58, 60,  67,   69,   70,    74,   77


Data Set 2

10 oz. of water used

Acid added (oz.);

5,       10,     20,     30,     35,   40,     50


33%, 50%, 67%, 75%, 78%, 80%, 83%

How much acid should be added to get a concentration of 10%?

Can 100% acid concentration be obtained?  Why/why not?

Does the function and graph answer this question?  How?

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