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Importance of Becoming a Global Citizen


Prepare: View the  Globalization: What is Happening to Us (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.? video and read the article  A Model of Global Citizenship: Antecedents and Outcomes  by Stephen Reysen and Iva Katzarska-Miller (2013). Locate one additional source on global citizenship that will help support your viewpoint. 

Reflect: Please take some time to reflect on how the concept of global citizenship has shaped your identity, and think about how being a global citizen has made you a better person in your community

Write: Use the  Week One Assignment Template when addressing the following prompts:

·         After viewing the video, describe how being a global citizen in the world of advanced technology can be beneficial to your success in meeting your personal, academic, and professional goals.

·         After reading the article by Reysen and Katzarska-Miller, explain why there has been disagreement between theorists about the definition of global citizenship and develop your own definition of global citizenship.

·         From the article, choose two of the six outcomes of global citizenship (i.e., intergroup empathy, valuing diversity, social justice, environmental sustainability, intergroup helping, and the level of responsibility to act for the betterment of this world) as stated in the article, and explain why those two are the most important in becoming a global citizen compared to the others.

·         Describe at least two personal examples or events in your life that illustrate the development of global citizenship based on the two outcomes you chose.

·         Identify two specific general education courses, and explain how they each influenced you to become a global citizen.

Your paper

·         Must be 3.5 - 4 pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style.

·         Must include a separate with the following:

o    Title of paper

o    Student’s name

o    Course name and number

o    Instructor’s name

o    Date submitted

o    Running header with page numbers

·         Must cite the two resources required to complete this assignment and at least one additional scholarly source. Be sure to integrate your research siterather than simply inserting it.

·         Must document all sources in APA style.

·         Must have no more than 15% quoted material in the body of your essay based on the Turnitin report. Reference list will be excluded from the Turnitin originality score.

·         Must include a separate reference pagethat is formatted according to APA style




Jakobs, W. (Director), & Monfils, M. (Producer). (2010).  Globalization: What is happening to us?- LUX great thinkers series (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.[Video file]. Retrieved https://fod.infobase.com/OnDemandEmbed.aspx?Token=50420&aid=18596&Plt=FOD&loid=0&w=640&h=480&ref


Reysen, S., & Katzarska-Miller, I. (2013).  A model of global citizenship: Antecedents and outcomes International Journal of Psychology48(5), 858-870. doi:10.1080/00207594.2012.701749

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