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Assignment for Transport of Dangerous Goods Module

Psychedelic Paints, Malahide, Co Dublin manufactures and distributes paint through out Ireland. They package paint in a variety of different packages from 1 litre to 25 litre.
They use their own vehicle, haulage contractors and some customers collect direct from the warehouse in Malahide.

The paint has a flashpoint of 20C and a boiling point of 36C. The vapour pressure pressure at 50C is not more than 110KPa.

1. Classify the product.
2. The product is being packaged in 5 litre containers and four of these containers are put into a fiberboard box.

Detail what marks and labels should be put on the packaging.

3. The paint is packaged in 25 litre drums. A vehicle < 7.5tonnes GVW is loaded with 100 drums for delivery to Ryan Painters, Clones Co Monaghan.

Detail the type of packaging which should be used

What marking and labels should be put on the packaging

What marking should be put on the vehicle.

Prepare a transport document.

What other documents should be carried on the vehicle.

What "equipment must be on board the vehicle.

List 8 on the spot fines which the carrier is liable.

4. A customer collects 300 litres of paint in his own vehicle.

Prepare a transport document for this consignment.

Outline the details of any exemption which the customer can apply.

5. The company wants to transport the paint in bulk to a sister company in Cork.

What road tanker should be specified.

What orange plates and placards should be displayed.

Complete an ADR application form for the tanker.

What is the maximum filling ratio

What is the minimum filling ratio

6. You are the DGSA for this company

Outline the areas you would cover in this report

Note: include references with each answer

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